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Posted by: Lisa L.,


I will recommend One Night Affair to eveyone!
I had the most wonderful experience, my wedding gown was the most beautiful gown I've ever seen. I never thought I would be wearing a Lazaro wedding gown, it was way out of my budget when I went shopping. I saw One Night Affair on the news and decided to check you out.
I was really amazed at the selection of gowns and the prices.
Thank-you for the wonderful and helpful service, you all made my wedding day so special and memorable!



Posted by: Steph S.,


Thank you guys for everything. You made my wedding day truly spectacular. I had the most incredible Lazaro gown and a beautiful St. Pucci cathedral veil that I paid nearly 70% less than it's retail value. You made my MOM happy (which is a challenge in it's own!!) and my salesgirl Randi had more patience than Gandhi! I have already recommended this place to so many people! I really can't thank them enough! Thanks guys!!!



Posted by: Marion L.,


What a pleasure to work with such bright, young, and insightful women. Thank you for making me look and feel like a queen on my 75th birthday. I have been bragging to everyone about my new favorite store!



Posted by: Sari H.,


You guys are the answer to every brides dream....
Look beautiful and save money...stress free,
keep up the good work!
Sari Hayes



Posted by: Peggy S.,


Last week I came into One night Affair as per my friends recommendation. Being somebody who really doesn't go to special events often, I was excited to the idea that I could rent a dress instead of buying one that would just sit in my closet or garage and never be worn again. When I walked in, I was greeted by a nice, young girl by the name of Carolina who instantly helped me and stayed with me until I found the perfect dress. She was very considerate to my needs (I needed to pick up the dress early) and even helped me pick out accesories to match! I was very pleased with this establishment and I know that I will be back. Thank you very much for making this such an easy process!!



Posted by: Robin B.,


Thank-you for making my wedding day unforgetable, my wedding gown was so beautiful, everything went over so smooth and easy,
not a single hiccup!
One Night Affair is Fantastic!!!



Posted by: Cathy L.,


I really believe you are a blessing in disguise...
How could we have afforded such a beautiful gown from Vera Wang, we were able to rent it and save so much money, you were all amazing!!!



Posted by: Chelsea L.,


Thank-you to all of you at One Night Affair!
My Lazaro Wedding Gowns was to die for, every one went crazy over it. Each one of you deserve a medal for putting up with all of us loony Brides!



Posted by: Elke S.,


I just want to Thank all of you for making my experience at "One Night Affair" so special as I shopped for and FOUND my perfect wedding dress! My Mom and I had so much fun and you were all so wonderful to work with.
Again I have to say Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you,
Kind regards,



Posted by: Sue F.,


This was the second time renting from ONA. My first experience was flawless, but was also many years ago. This time, while sitting in a Hawaii airport, I got a call that I was expected to be at an Inauguration event - I had no idea and was not prepared. Furthermore, I was scheduled to land at LAX at 5pm on a Saturday and turn around and leave for DC early Sunday morning....what to do!??I called ONA and the rest is just as flawless as the first experience. When my plane landed 20 minutes late, I called. They stayed open for me! Luckily, I was able to find a perfect gown in under 30 minutes. No hovering, no alterations.??Would I rent from here again...well...I went back a second that answer is YES!??ONA offers a wonderful service that has been available to men for years....thanks!!
Posted by: Sue F., 9/25/2009 Useful? +0 This was the second time renting from ONA. My first experience was flawless, but was also many years ago. This time, while sitting in a Hawaii airport, I got a call that I was expected to be at an Inauguration event - I had no idea and was not prepared. Furthermore, I was scheduled to land at LAX at 5pm on a Saturday and turn around and leave for DC early Sunday morning....what to do!??I called ONA and the rest is just as flawless as the first experience. When my plane landed 20 minutes late, I called. They stayed open for me! Luckily, I was able to find a perfect gown in under 30 minutes. No hovering, no alterations.??Would I rent from here again...well...I went back a second that answer is YES!??ONA offers a wonderful service that has been available to men for years....thanks!!



Posted by: Alysa M.,


I feel that One Night Affair is the best around. I went shopping to so many places and everything looked the same, all the sales people were so pushy, I guess with the way the economy is these days that everyones desperate. But it was my wedding day and I decided that I wasn't going to just settle. I came to your store not imagining I would find anything. I was completely amazed with what I found and the service I received and I felt that I had to write a review, which is something I've never done before. I'm so glad I didn't listen to people telling me I needed to keep my wedding gown so I could give it to my daughter, if I had I would have never gone in....what a mistake it would have been and I would have never found the perfect dress (by the way I've never known anyone that has worn their mothers wedding gown). The store has a very cozy feel to it even though it is very large and could be very intimidating. The girls were extremely helpful, especially Kristen (the tall Blonde) She knows her stuff, she's very much to the point and knows what she's talking about. She never came off all complimentary and told me I looked great in everything, she explained what would flatter my figure in the style that I liked and she was right. I found a fabulous gown by the designer "Allure" it's beautiful, and I could have never afforded to actually go out and buy this gown, it's only for one (very special) day and I'll have beautiful pictures to look back at. I'm thrilled with everyone at One Night Affair and would recommend them to everyone.



One Night Affair...The best choice for a wedding dress! 5 Star Rating - World class
By Colleen H.

Going to One Night Affair was the best choice I could have made for a wedding dress. They had a huge selection and were willing to alter the dress to any custom specifications I wanted. They worked with everything I needed from adding sleeves to a french bustle, and their price was less than half of what the bridal stores quoted me. Their pricing altogether was better than any other bridal shop and they had a much better selection. There service was wonderful and they made the whole process a breeze. I would highly recommend this shop for any occasion!


RENTING A GOWN.......FANTASTIC!!! 5 Star Rating - World class
By Chris F.

Men have been renting their tuxedos for decades, it's about time that someone came up with the concept of renting dresses for woman. I'm in the entertainment business and attend premieres all the time, I'm photographed in my gowns, so I don't want to get caught wearing it a second time!!! So renting a fabulous gown has made my life easier, and saved me money. If anyone has checked out the prices of fully beaded evening gowns, $$$ in the thousands, I am absolutely thrilled with this place. The owner is constantly getting new gowns that are really unique.
I recommend this place to EVERYONE!

Posted 09/11/08


One Night Affair Gown Rentals Jewelry & Accessoriess 5 Star Rating - World class
By James N.

One Night Affair Gown Rentals Jewelry and Accessories in Los Angeles CA is an awesome company with great service and fabulous prices. I personaly know Sharon who is an amazing person with great professionalism. One Night Affair saved my day with an incredible evening gown rental for my girlfriend that stunned all eyes that saw the dress. I would recommend One Night Affair to anyone looking for designer gowns for any special event.

Posted 08/24/08


Highly Recommend! 5 Star Rating - World class
By Chelsea F.

I went to One Night Affair to rent my wedding gown for my June 7, 2008 wedding. I didnt know what to expect, considering that Ive never done this before. I was very impressed with the selection and the Designers that they carried and found many that were beautiful, but decided to continue shopping until I was positive that I found the perfect dress. I went to all the stores in Beverly Hills, then decided to try the stores along Ventura Blvd. to see if the prices would be better. After 3 solid weeks of shopping and price comparing, I ended back at One Night Affair and rented the first dress I had ever tried on. It was a Design by Rivini, it was not only beautiful, but looked like it was made specifically for me. I had been price comparing and knew this designer was around $3000.00 to $4000.00 in the other stores, so I was thrilled to rent it for $800.00. I also had my Bridesmaids rent evening gowns from them, they all picked out a style that they looked best in, all in black. All eight of us had nothing but wonderful things to say about the entire staff, they were a joy to work with and since I wasnt a brideilla, it was a really fun experience!

Posted 06/29/08


New York Times - Renting at One Night Affair is the way to go!
The comprehensive article from the New York Times not only documents that previously-owned dresses are big news these days, but lists many "pre-loved" dress options for brides to consider. Check it out! Pre-owned is a great idea, not only to conserve money but environmental resources too. And do remember, until very recently it was considered perfectly honorable to wear another brides dress--as long as the other bride was your mom. Consider that choosing to wear the dress of a contemporary bride will afford you more style options and a modern silhouette (no offense meant to the fashion sense of moms of course, and I hope none taken.) Also, we girls can now enjoy the all benefits of renting our wedding togs just like the menfolk, and not have to worry about cleaning or storing the dress afterwards. The NYT article brings up wedding dress rentals as being the hottest thing going these days, especially with the way the economy is. I can vouch for a local one here in L.A. called One Night Affair; a few of my clients have worn their dresses and looked great. At One Night Affair you can rent couture dresses and accessories, some of which have been featured in film or TV projects, for a fraction of what they'd cost to buy. It's a great option for brides with an eye for fashion but a budget to consider. ?Its gonna sound corny, but Ill say it anyway: what makes a bride beautiful is the radiance of her love, not the sales receipt for her dress. ?? Check out One Night Affair Gown Rentals at or call them at 310-474-7808 Editor Elizabeth Oakes with "Marriages to go"


My Fabulous Experience
By Larry M.

My fabulous experience at One Night Affair Gown Rentals
I was recently told be my daughter she was going to the winter formal next Saturday.
I then spent 2 days of torture shopping the malls with my daughter for a dress.
After wasting 8 hours in the malls a friend told me about a store that rents designer gowns called One Night Affair. I called them and made an appointment to bring my daughter in the next day.

When we arrived the store was filled with customers looking for wedding and evening gowns.
We were told to have a seat and someone would be right with us.
In about five minutes a lovely young lady came over to my daughter and said "hi sweety describe to me your dream dress".
She then took my daughter to an area where it seemed like there were thousands of dresses.

Within minutes my daughter picked out 4 dresses which she wanted to try on.
With joy the third dress she tried on was the one! She looked gorgeous!
The dress needed an alteration which was completed in about ten minutes while my daughter tried on beautiful jewelry also for rent.
Also while waiting we noticed two brides renting their wedding gowns.
If possible they seemed happier than us. To me It just makes sense to rent a spectacular wedding or evening gown that you will never wear again.

Posted 01/31/09


Academy Awards Gown was fantastic!

I was invited to the Academy Awards this year and was so honored to be invited. Since I have never attended before, I really needed to make sure that I was dressed appropriately. Someone that I got hold of at the Academy actually recommended One Night Affair Gown Rentals. They have been working with them for the past 15 years, so that was all I needed to hear. They got me in right away, and put me together so perfectly, I was totally amazed from head to toe, including the most unbelievable jewels and Mink Coat. I couldn't have asked for better service or selection of beautiful designer gowns that I could have never found in any mall or boutique. It was totally worth the drive from Newport Beach, I will do it again in a heartbeat. They also recommended I try Christian Louboutin Shoes in Costa Mesa, since it was close and their selection was fantastic! I found the most amazing pair of shoes that accented my gown perfectly, since I had a slit up the front leg, the shoe was fully exposed. I have to say that I looked just as amazing as the stars that were nominated!
Thank-you to One Night Affair and to everyone that made this possible!


Loved One Night Affair for Years!!!
By Jamie L.

I have been renting fabulous evening gown for black tie events for the last 7 years, I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. This is far to easy! The inventory is fantastic, better then any other place I could possibly go to, the selection is amazing and creative. This time I was invited to the inaugural ball at the last moment and the girls found me the perfect gown in less then an hour. They had many other inaugural ball attendees who were also getting gowns at the last moment and were able to give us all the special attention that we needed. It was actually very fun.
I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else for a fancy gown. Thumbs up to One Night Affair, I'm a lifetime customer!

Posted 01/25/09


Perfect Find
I've never had so much fun finding the perfect dress for a business affair/gala. One of my clients, a large hospital, had a Foundation fundraiser. I needed a "fancy" gown to wear amongst all of the wealthy patrons of the hospital foundation. The fabulous staff at One Night Affair were so great in helping me to find a dress that would look sophisticated and sexy on me. It was so much fun to try on all types of gorgeous designer gowns in an array of beautiful colors until I found a gown that was just perfect for me! In fact, the gown I selected was very similar to a gown I had seen on the Golden Globes recently. It was a little too tight around the waist - this wasn't a problem at all. Their very friendly seamstresses measured me and had the alterations done the day I picked up my beautiful gown. I was even able to rent a strapless bra that worked well underneath my dress. I felt like a princess at the affair. I could never have afforded to buy the gown I was able to rent at One Night Affair. You should have heard the compliments I received from other guests at the event.....And my boyfriend? He was overwhelmed! He said he had never seen me look quite so elegant! I'd recommend One Night Affair to anyone. Plus, what's great here is that you can only wear a dress like this one time when you buy why not just rent it and get something new each time that no one has see before?